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Butterfly Lobster Tails

Butterflying Lobster Tails

Learn how to butterfly a lobster tail

Butterflying lobster tails is the method of preparation most common in restaurants. This method results in a lobster tail that puffs out of the shell and makes for a spectecular presentation. This is one of the more complex methods of cooking a lobster tail but this step-by-step guide will show you how to cook lobster tails like a pro.



Below are directions for butterflying 6oz lobster tails


Defrost the lobster tails


Grab your kitchen shears


Begin the cut with the bottom blade right under the shell. Only cut the shell and not the meat.


Proceed the cut down the center all the way to the base of the tale


Cut to base of tail


Grab each side of the shell and gently pry away the shell away from the meat


Continue to pry the shell away from the meat but keep the back of the meat connected to the shell


Once the meat is freed, grab the meat, squeeze the shell together to close the gap and lay the meat on top of the shell


The meat on top of the shell


Cut a small slit in the top of the meat


Grab the loose part of the meat and fold over the shell


Here's the meat folded over each side of the lobster shell


Cut additional slits on the top for presentation


Prepare lobster marinade of melted butter, a dash of peprika, a dash of garlic powder, a squirt of lemon juice and a dash of white pepper.


Drizzle lobster tail with marinade


Move the lobster tails to a pan and broil according the chart below. Baste tail with marinade half way through cooking.


Remove tails from pan, dunk in butter and enjoy!

Lobster Cooking Times

broil lobster tail according to the times below

Lobster Tail Weight
Cooking Time
2 Oz.
12 minutes
4 Oz.
18 minutes
6 Oz.
22 minutes
8 Oz.
26 minutes
12 Oz.
30 minutes
14 Oz. +
35 minutes

Cooking times vary, make sure you keep an eye on the lobster tail so it doesn't burn!

Cooked Lobster Tail

Once the lobster is cooked, unwrap the tail, dunk in butter and enjoy!

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