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Mini Lobster Tails

Tiny Lobster Tails

These are tiny lobster tails. These mini lobster tails were bought at a local seafood market. The middle and right lobster tails are miniture spiny lobster tails and the left tail is a north american cold water lobster tail. These lobster tails were delicious and succulent but there are concerns for harvesting lobsters at this early of a stage. These lobster tails are from lobsters that are under 3 years old.


Mini Lobster Tail

This lobster tail is just barely wider then a U.S. quarter. That's a small lobster tail!


3 inch lobster tail


The lobster tail is just under 3 inches long and a hair under 1 inch wide.


Cooked Mini Lobster Tails

The mini lobster tails were butterflied and cooked along with some larger lobster tails. The mini lobster tails were absolutely delicious.





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